Why Visiting a Real-world Casino Is Not About the Gambling

Why Visiting a Real-world Casino Is Not About the Gambling

While I do enjoy seeing the growth of online casinos it does make me sad about the decline in real-world casinos. I can still remember the first time I got to go into a real casino and it wasn’t exactly the glitz and glamour of a Las Vegas super casino, it was a small city casino and it had only 3 gambling tables, all of them were blackjack! Sure, it wasn’t anything special, but that night I learned what going to a real casino is all about…

My first time entering a casino I have to admit I did indeed expect something like you see in Las Vegas, but that simply wasn’t the case. It was small, but some might call it cosy! My personal plan was to play a few hands of Blackjack then onto the slots to finish up the night. But things didn’t turn out like that. So I walked in, sat down at the Blackjack table and started to play. For the first 20 mins or so it was just me and the dealer, but that was OK as he was quite chatty and friendly. Soon afterwards a few other players joined me, each of them asking politely if it was OK to join me (like I could have stopped them and said no!) within just a few hands we all started to talk and chat and before I knew it several hours had passed! But yet…I didn’t worry and played on.

I can’t remember that night if I won anything or I lost, but what I did gain is a friendly social interaction with people who enjoyed my interests. Sure, we weren’t going to all swap phone numbers and be friends forever, but that time was special to me because I realised going to a casino is about a night out, it’s about relaxing and socialising! Put simply you don’t get that same experience with an online casino! Sure, it’s nice to have such a wide choice, but personally, I don’t get quite the same amount of enjoyment as I do with a real-world casino.

Maybe I am wrong in all this and online gambling can be just as much fun! If you have any thoughts/opinions do let me know in the comments below…

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