My Thoughts on the FOBT’s Proposed £30 Limit

My Thoughts on the FOBT's Proposed £30 Limit

Looking at this news story about a proposed limit of £30 per spin I found myself looking a it from both sides of the coin. On the one half, you have a lower limit (it was originally £100) but on the other side it is a pointless limit is given that you can still spin a load of money per hour! (5 seconds per spin still equals £360 per minute!) so what was the point?

People have been calling for a lower limit on FOBT’s for years now, but they are not taking into account online betting and anyone with a gambling problems willingness to gamble just about anywhere. Online, on a mobile, down the local pub! If someone does have a gambling problem lowering this limit even right down to the suggested £2 pers spin is still £24 per minute! So why not just remove them? Because they will find other ways to gamble. The only thing this lower limit does it hurt the betting shops that are only just turning over meaning the £30 suggested limit will still lead to some job losses. Quote: “The Association of British Bookmakers has claimed that a £30 maximum stake would see 2,100 betting shops closed and 10,000 jobs lost.

At the end of the day, most people who play FOBT’s do so at less than £1 per spin, but if you are going to develop a gambling problem they will do it regardless of any limit. Even if the UK online limit gets reduced to £2 per spin there will always be .Com/.AU casino websites that won’t be affected.

Sadly this limit is pretty pointless no matter what way you look at it and while I am all for protecting vulnerable players who find themselves getting addicted I am also for keep people in jobs which is getting rarer and rarer these days. I just feel neither side has won or gained anything with the limit so why waste time and money talking about it when that money and time could have been better spent on Gamblers Anonymous meetings and support groups.

Well, those are my thoughts anyway, but I would love to hear from anyone with a different opinion in the comments below.

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