Are Online Bingo Sites Dying?

Are Online Bingo Sites Dying?

Once upon a time, everyone seemed to be playing bingo, both online and in bingo halls. But these days you don’t come across too many people who so do, so does that mean all online bingo sites are suffering? Well…yes, but the reason why has real-world roots and here is why…

Closed Down Bingo Hall
Closed Down Bingo Hall

There was once a time when every city here in the UK had its own bingo hall, but these days many of them are closes, some are torn down and some are turned into other things. So what do they have to do with online bingo sites? My theory is online bingo sites are suffering because of the lack of bingo talk. When all the bingo halls were open most people knew of someone who went, of someone who played bingo. Then of course along comes the internet and within just a few years online bingo was born. It started (believe it or not) with the very first online bingo site called “Bingo Zone” which was an American site! But seen after us bingo loving UK players got our own sites.

Bingo Crazy
Bingo Crazy

So we move forward to today and finally we get to the reason why online bingo is slowly dying. Without people talking to other people about bingo the ‘bingo buzz’ soon dies down while the online bingo sites are pretty good at promotion they can’t beat word-of-mouth chatter which sadly isn’t about bingo so much these days.

OK, so they are not going to be closing their bingo sites down anytime soon, but they will have less and less money to promote and in turn that means fewer players to earn from. One day maybe within the next 10 years or so online bingo sites will be a thing of the past and we will all be playing slots in VR headsets while our hover cars drive us to work. Nah, just kidding, but we might well not be talking about bingo because no-one will remember it. But I for one will never forget my first ever bingo win. Those are bingo times that will never vanish until I do.

Are you bingo crazy? Let me know in the comments below, even if you think this article is a load of balls.

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