Why the Paroli Roulette System Is Utter Rubbish

Why the Paroli Roulette System Is Utter Rubbish

This winning “system” gets its name from the Latin term meaning “Par” and was put together by someone called “Victor Bethell”. The idea is simple. Bet Red or Black for let’s say £5 then if you win, do the same again, but if you lose gamble £10! Then if you win that bet just £5 and if you lose bet £20! While on paper it seems to make sense the maths behind it doesn’t.

This truth is there is no guarantee you will win no matter what you bet or how much. If you somehow manage to get a run of losses the results can be devastating and while you keep betting and keep adding the risk gets higher and higher. Just ask any roulette table croupier what was the longest streak of one single colour, so all reds or all blacks. They will tell you a number that will scare the pants of any Paroli system player! It doesn’t matter what you do, the House Edge will always exist.

Is there a system that works? Yes! Its called have fun and never gamble more than you can afford to lose! You can make sure you are always a winning in any casino by having the intention of having fun and a good night out. Then if you lose a bit or gain a bit you have won no matter what. Sure, I wish there was a year system, but sadly that house edge will never go away, not as long as the game is played fairly anyway.

What is your favourite Roulette system? Do let me know in the comments below.

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