The Crazy Science and Psychology of Casino Carpets

The Crazy Science and Psychology of Casino Carpets

They have been the cause of many myths about them being somehow hypnotic and full of “suggestive meanings”, but the truth is even more amazing. I am talking about casino carpets and they are more interesting than you might think….

If you have ever been to almost any casino and looked down away from your slot machine or card table for just a moment you might have seen the crazy carpet designs that look like something from a modern art gallery. Before you start to wonder, the answer is no! There is no suggestive messages, no hypnotic reasoning, but they are made deliberately crazy for a reason.

The Carpet in Sands Macao Casino
The Carpet in Sands Macao Casino

If you have carpets at home you will know they can be rather difficult to keep clean and even the most hardwearing of door rugs will wear out in the end. Now imagine how many people walk through a casino every day. Last year (2017) 81.41 million people visited a casino and some of the larger ones will easily see a million people walk over their carpets every year! With all the wear and tear, you will need a carpet that can not only hide the daily dirt and grime but also the hide any slightly worn spots and that is the main reason why casino have such crazy mosaic carpets. But it’s not the only reason…

The Flooring and Lighting Design in Tropicana Casino, Las Vegas
The Flooring and Lighting Design in Tropicana Casino, Las Vegas

For the other reason, they have such unusual carpets we need to imagine a casino hall with everything taken out of it. No gaming tables, slots, no lights, nothing. What is the picture your mind comes up with? Yep, a vast, empty warehouse! Many big casinos are massive in terms of sq feet area and will often break-up the style of the carpets to prevent a seemingly endless view. By keeping strip lights all going one way and certain areas having certain carpets it breaks that whole vast floor space up nicely and will often be split thanks to vinyl flooring paths to help people navigate the halls!

See! It’s not just some crazy mind-mojo carpet going on, it’s actually quite useful as well as helpful! Does your local casino have crazy flooring? Next time you visit one, do take a look down once in a while as it might just surprise you.


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