Did Casinos Ever Pump in Oxygen Into the Halls to Make People Happier?

While most people will tell you that this is a myth (which it is) it’s more interesting to understand where the myth might have come from. You see, this is one of those myths that simply refuses to die, but why? Is it because some casinos do indeed pump scent into the halls which could I suppose make people believe something was being pumped in, or maybe it is down to the industrial-sized air-conditioning units casino use? While I could see those things being the cause of people believing the myth, I think the real answer is more…human.

Lets first understand why people would believe casino pump oxygen into their casino halls! Most people who believe the myth will tell you that it makes people naturally happier, more alert and fresh. Therefore they might be willing to spend more money if they are more awake. What I propose is that it is the people who believe in the myth pumping their own oxygen into their bodies! By being part of a winning table or a lively group of players you are much more likely to be ‘having a great time’ because of the excitement all around you. Get 2,3 maybe more people in a group, they are all having ‘loads of fun’ and suddenly you have a group of people who feel alert, excited…happy! And why are they feeling that way? Because their bodies are being flooded with more oxygen. You can even test this out yourself by having a good “belly laugh” with friends, once you have finished laughing, ask yourself how you feel.

What do you think? Have you ever heard of the oxygen myth? If you have let me know in the comments below!

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