Five Great Casino Jokes to Liven Up Any Casino Night

While a casino night at home might be a semi-serious event it is always good to have some cheap jokes to liven up the night. Here is just a small collection of jokes that are perfect for poker nights and cool for casino nights. They are all non-rude and could be told to just about anyone at any age…

Joke 1

Q – What did the dealer say to the deck of cards when they broke up?
A – “I can’t deal with you anymore!”

Joke 2

Q – What does a craps dealers love most for pudding?
A – Dice pudding!

Joke 3

Q – What kind of shark is always gambling?
A – A CardShark!

Joke 4

Q – Whats the difference between a poker player and a politican?
A – A politican will somethings tell the truth!

Joke 5

Q – What do vampires play poker for?
A – High Stakes!

Do you have any better jokes? If you do please do let me know in the comments below. Keep them clean please I blush easily.

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