Five Great Poker Tips

Five Great Poker Tips

Five Great Poker Tips

So here we go, this is the very first post on this gamblers blog and we take a look at five great poker tips. If you love gambling of any sort, you will love this little site.

If you poker fans are ready, we will get on with the tips…


Tip 1: Don’t try to guess what hand the other players have, think what range they might be in!

Pick 3 ranges: good, meh and bad and try to work out what range they are in. This will help you to work out what to bet and when to walk away.

Tip 2: Stick to a set strategy

It’s no good trying to be all crazy and random so people don’t know what you are doing! It’s best to have a gameplan even before you sit down at the name and stick with it!

Tip 3: Pick your poker buddies

Planning on having a good night of poker with a few friends! Well, make sure you don’t just pick them because they have a lot of money or lose a lot. Its got to be about having a fun time with a few GOOD FRIENDS!

Tip 4: For every game you play, watch 2 of them and learn

Even if you consider yourself a great poker player make sure you take the time to learn things, about the game, about people and more importantly about tactics! There is always something to learn in poker and anyone who says otherwise will never be a great poker player!

Tip 5: Always make sure you aren’t onto a bluff with river betting



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